13 Discoveries From People Who Deserve a Nobel Prize

“This world will never stop surprising us!” This phrase may seem really trivial but it’s true. For example, you may have been using a cheese grater the wrong way your entire life without even suspecting it. How? It’s because there are so many discoveries yet to be made. You just have to be more attentive. Check out these amazing ideas that will make your life a lot easier.



You can store staples underneath the stapler,

Did you know that Sebastian from The Little Mermaid appears in Alladin?

The lower the number on the McDonald’s ketchup packets, the sweeter it is; the higher, the more sour.

Is this your favorite stovetop as well?

Now I understand…


Did you now that you can lock your notes?

“I found out that the C1 (first cervical) vertebra is called the atlas because it supports the globe of the head, just like Atlas who was a Titan condemned to hold the earth up after the Titan War.”

Ariana Grande and Cardi B are the same age.



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