13 Facts That Can Save Your Life One Day

Many injuries and even deaths could have been avoided if people had known how to behave correctly in critical situations. Sometimes, knowing a simple fact can increase your chances for survival or help save someone’s life.

Here are some situations where a person’s life can depend on their actions. We will try to help you survive, just continue reading.


What to do with an aggressive bear?

Of course the best is not to meet the bear at all. First of all, don’t panic before a bear starts to act aggressively. If it’s just looking at you, stand still. There is a chance it won’t even understand who you are and what you are going to do. If it starts walking toward you slowly, walk backward slowly. Bears rarely attack people. Most likely, it will back off once it realizes you are a human. However, if it acts aggressively,  you should know that the weakest skill of this animal is its maneuverability. Bears run very fast and crawl really well — but moving quickly around an object e.g. a car or a tree is very difficult for them. Sooner or later, the animal will give up trying to catch you seeing that this food (you) is not worth its energy.


You can smell fish or urine at home for no reason?

It is probably electric wires melting. This can lead to a fire or even an explosion. The best option is to cut off the electricity until the cause has been found by professionals.


Rip Current


Don’t let rip currents ruin your next holiday. As we know, they can be very dangerous. If you accidentally find yourself in a rip current, try to swim parallel to the shore until you exit the current, and only then swim toward the shore.  It is completely useless to swim against it to the shore — you will only waste your energy.


What to do when you are having a hearth attack?

Just one pill of aspirin can seriously improve how you feel. The person having the heart attack should lie down immediately and put something under their head or sit down and then take the pill. In order for it to work sooner, it should be chewed very well. Easy, isn’t it?


How do I know it is a hearth stroke?

When you google the symptoms of a heat stroke, you usually find dizziness and nausea, but they can appear for other reasons too. So how do you know if you have a hearth stroke? Try to eat something sweet, like candy. If the taste is unpleasant, it is a heat stroke. It is vital to determine the reason as soon as possible and get the right help. Don’t waste your time.


What do I do with a unconscious person?


If you need to bring someone back to consciousness, you should put them on their back and push their knees to their chest. This will make the blood flow to their brain and the person will wake up. But first, make sure the person doesn’t have any leg or body injuries, otherwise, the situation may only get worse.


What to do with a snake bite?

Ignore the popular misconceptions, you should NOT suck out the venom, apply cold, apply bandages, or burn the wound. Before the doctors arrive, the victim has to drink lot of fluids and take an antihistamine. Don’t touch the area around the bite because this helps the venom spread around the body faster.


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