13 Facts That Can Save Your Life One Day

How to save a drowning person?

You managed to get the person out of the water. You’ve done everything and it seems like you have saved their life. But don’t just leave it like that. You should take them to the hospital immediately, otherwise they could die within several days if there is some leftover water in their lungs. You never know, please let the experts finish your action.



What to do if you stuck in the car in an accident?

If you are in a situation the door is impossible to open, remember that it is much easier to break a window by hitting it, not on the center but on the edges. In some cases you can remove the headrest from the seat and then use it to break the window. In different cars, headrests are different, so make sure you know how to remove the ones in your car.


Water bottles can cause fire!

If direct sunshine gets on the bottle, it can really cause a fire. The thing is, in this case, the bottle will work as a lens and concentrate the heat in one spot. So, keep these bottles away from windows and to never leave them in a car. Be careful with the bottles.


Antihistamines should always be with you.


This is especially important on trips when people try new foods, see new plants, and go to completely new places. You may be allergic to something that you have never encountered before. And it could be such a severe allergic reaction that it might be lethal unless you get qualified help. Don’t overestimate your imunity and be careful on your next holiday.


How to predict a tsunami?

When the waterline is abnormally far from the shore, this is a sign of a tsunami. If you notice this somewhere, you should warn everyone around and run. Don’t go out collecting shells because it can cost you your life.


The rule of 3

In a critical situation, you should remember these numbers that can be used to describe the survival abilities of an average person:

3 minutes without air;
3 hours in extreme temperature;
3 days without water;
3 weeks without food.


Have you ever find yourself in any of these critical situations? Did you act properly?

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