13 Ordinary People Who Have Unusual Superpowers

The human body is an absolutely unique thing — the nose can detect a trillion smells, the liver can regenerate itself, and thumbs have their own pulse. But despite the fact that we all have these body features, there are some people who are gifted with even more incredible physical talents that might seem to us like real superpowers. Here are some examples.



My friend can stuff her ear into itself.

An extremely long tongue.

Foldable fingers.

“My friend has a perfect sense of balance.”

Another flexible finger.


This girl with joint hypermobility syndrome can bend her fingers back to a 45-degree angle.

SO many girls sit like this.

How do you play the piano.

Knee hypermobility.


“I have a condition called dermatographism where I can ’write’ on my skin and it appears as a rash.”

When I’m cold my finger turns white

“My freckles that are only visible under a black light.”

My friend can grab stuff backward

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