13 Ordinary people whose kindness made this world a little brighter

No act of kindness, even a small one, is ever wasted. You never know how that kind act of yours can have a huge effect on the other person. Be it offering clothes to the needy, caring for a stray animal, or just being there for one another — it is amazing to see how compassionate and thoughtful people really are. Do you like this post?

This brave heart protected a stray cat who went into labor during a raging typhoon.


This tourist gave away his clothes to a man who needed them more than him.

Every Valentine’s Day, this gentleman treats the widows from various retirement/nursing homes to dinner, gifts, and a rose.

An Iranian teacher sits by his student, who has cancer, to catch up on each day’s lecture.

Thousands of Reddit users sent letters and packages to Scotty, a Down’s syndrome patient, just to make him happy.


Once finding out that this family’s house burnt down, here’s how the manager presented the check to them:

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