13 People Who Aren’t Afraid to Laugh at Themselves

Self-confident people don’t really worry what others might think of them, and they don’t try to show themselves in the best light. They accept themselves as they are and they can easily laugh at themselves.



I’m standing in line at the post office and suddenly see this scale…

I have colonoscopy tomorrow. So I prepared everything I need.

Don’t ever lose your humor !

Let’s admit…

When you accidently met your upper half.


My Brother moved to Lithuana and this is how he updates us about how’s it going.

My grandparents dressed up as snowmen. The are terrifying.

Realistic approach.

Slayed the yearbook quote.


I learned how to say ‘Hi’ with tangerines

I’m pregnant and I thought I could take advantage of it and came up with this Halloween costume.

Found a game about myself.


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