13 Photos Proving That Life With a Husband Is More Fun

We already know that boys love pranks. But did you know, that making fun of each other is healthy for your relationship? These husbands and boyfriends in this article must be really happy in their relationship because they are true pranksters!



How do you like my wife’s Birthday present?

My wife wanted to take a selfie on our wedding day because she didn’t want to wait for the professional photos. I think I captured the most important thing.

This is the amount of cream cheese that my husband left for me the other day.

I thought it would be funny to play a little with our family photo.

I just saw this after arriving at work and now I understand.


My husband wanted to be funny the other day.

So I made a heart-shaped pancake for my wife on Valentine’s day.

My girlfriend is really short. Let’s have some fun.

Okay, so my husband got me flours instead of flowers as an apology.


When you ask a man for help in the kitchen.


My husband was screaming in the living room because there was pee on the floor.



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