13 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up the Struggle of Being on a Diet

Even one thought about a juicy burger, which is only walking distance from you, can ruin the whole diet. But, no worries, you can start all over again on Monday.



Come on,  you know you’re on a diet…

Me: I’m on a diet.
Me after 5 minutes :

When my friends comment on the amount of food I’m able to eat.

Trying to lose weight so diet coke it is.

I’m just having one slice of cake.


When you get caught eating ice cream on a diet:

When you forget about your diet.

How you look at your friends eating junk food in front of you.

How to eat less.


When I’m about to start a diet, I try to stuff in all my favorite unhealthy foods the day before.

The day I decided to quit eating bread.

Lowcarb Birthday cake.

Every time I start a diet I hear the Mission Impossible theme song in my head.

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