13 Sleeping Animals That Fill Us With Positive Vibes

Some animals, like sheep and goats, go to sleep multiple times a day. No matter when or how long our animal friends take a nap, it’s still adorable to watch.



When even breakfast isn’t worth getting out of bed for

Sleepy pandas EVERYWHERE!

They use their sibling as a pillow! So cute!

He realized that sleeping bags are actually quite comfy

I want to feel this relaxed right now!


She is very protective of her ducklings.

Napping with your buddies feels so good.


Sweetie are you comfy right there?

He always sleeps with his toy!


Some people like feather pillows… this cuts out the middleman.

She must be dreaming about someting beautiful!

We all have that one friends who has a funny expression when asleep.

Even a cat and a rat both know that sleep is more important than any silly rivalry.

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