13 Strange Behaviors That Are Normal in Other Countries

There are 195 countries in the world, and we can break our head trying to calculate all the traditions that come along with them. Among these customs are those that everyone understands, along with others that could be considered strange behavior to outsiders.

Now we will show you the most interesting behaviors from all around the planet.



Taking a seat in a taxi in Australia and the USA

If you take a taxi in Australia, then you’d better sit in the front seat. The driver may be offended if you sit in the back. And in the USA, it’s the opposite, it’s better to sit in the back seat, since personal space is important for Americans Did you know that?


Crying before a wedding in China

In China during the month before the wedding, the bride should cry every night for an hour. Her mother, grandmother, sisters, and aunts should join her over time. While crying, they use a special “Crying Marriage Song.” Also, the bride must cry at the wedding itself, otherwise she will become a laughing stock for her neighbors. Please, someone explain how did this become a thing.



Throwing cinnamon at single people in Denmark

In Denmark, when a person turns 25 years old and they are still single, they are showered with cinnamon. If nothing changes and they are still single when they turn 30, then they will be showered with pepper. That’s cruel!


Lördagsgodis in Sweden

Every Saturday is a special day for eating candy in Sweden. This applies not only to children, but also to adults. On this day, people buy sweets, mix them, and enjoy. I’m moving to Sweden.


2 birthdays in Spain


People celebrate their birthday and their name day in Spain. Spaniards receive their names in honor of the saints, and therefore this day is very important for them. They gather with their family for a celebration. They can invite guests and sometimes gifts are given on this holiday. Many consider name day to be their second birthday. Also, name days are celebrated in many more European countries .


2 pairs of slippers in Japan

One pair is used to walk around the house. And the other pair is for the restroom, since its floor is considered dirty. Therefore, it’s bad to wear bath slippers around the house and vice versa. That actually makes a lot of sense.


Knocking on wood in Russia

It’s customary to spit in order to drive away evil spirits and all bad things of that nature in Russia. This should be done 3 times and strictly over the left shoulder. And usually after that, people still knock 3 times on something wooden. Just in case.


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