13 Tireless Neighbors That Just Don’t Know How to Be Boring

We can’t choose our neighbors. Since the moment you move into your house and until you leave it, they are with you. And it’s good if your neighbors are nice people because, in many cases, it’s the opposite. But this makes things even more interesting.



I guess they like to watch me in my bedroom.

My neighbors are very creative.

My neighbors are big fans of my dog.

Don’t be afraid to ask other people for some advice.

My neighbor’s cat is obsessed with me.


What happens if my neighbor uses the longest possible drill out there?

My neighbor’s dog is stalking me.

So funny….

My neighbor’s cat visits every day at the same hour


Christmas present from our neighbors.

Our neighbor’s cat comes to check on us every now and then.

Another idea to solve neighbor problems.

My neighbor’s cat, Rufus, likes to nap at my house with his teeth and tongue out!

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