14 Cats That Let Us Know Who Actually Sets the House Rules

Some vets believe that cats treat their owners like parents and behave like kittens. But the owners of the cats we want to show you don’t agree with that: in most cases, the animals dominate humans and try to subdue them.



Support your owner.

I got my head stuck in a trash can lid. Then I tried to escape through my cat door from embarrassment and I got stuck again.

He tried to disguise himself.

My cat hates cameras, so I hardly have any pictures with him.

You just washed it? Thank you, you’re son kind.


Guess he didn’t like the bouquet I got for Valentines day.

I’m a beautiful flower.

We got an automatic pet feeder to ration his food throughout the day.

He’s proud of himself.


I need some more privacy.

Heard some noise in the night and came to the kitchen to these two searching for a midnight snack.

She felt like I didn’t gave her enough attention so she ruined my iPad.

He loves taking naps in trash cans

Why I’m always late with my work.


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