14 Celebrities Who’ve Suddenly Changed Their Look, and We Hardly Recognize Them Now

People constantly cut or dye their hair, grow beards, and lose or gain weight to show that something new is happening in their lives. And it seems that celebrities are no exception.

We were surprised by the transformations some celebrities went through. Sometimes we even had to rub our eyes to make sure we knew who we were looking at! And now, we invite you to check out these new looks and express your opinions about them too.


Jason Momoa is still perfect.

Kristen Stewart made an extremely brave change.

John Travolta got bald.

Rowan Blanchard is killing her new hairstyle.

Ariel Winter’s new hair color made her look like a new person.


Zayn Malik changed his hairstyle as well.

Dylan Sprouse from a boy to a man.