14 Children of Famous Celebrities Who Look Nothing Like You Expected Them To

While there are some kids who look like clones of their parents, there are also some who share almost no similarities. In fact, here are some children who look so different from their famous moms or dads, it’s hard to say that they’re 2 peas in a pod.



Eliot Sumner daugther of Sting

Tallulah Willis daugther of Demi Moore

Brandon Thomas Lee son of Pamela Anderson

Blake Perlman daugther of Ron Perlman

Rumer Willis daugther of Bruce Willis


Elliot De Niro son of Robert De Niro

Chaz Bono son of Cher

Meadow Walker daugther of Paul Walker

Lily Atkinson daugther of Rowan Atkinson


Dakota Johnson daugther of Melanie Griffith

Lourdes Leon daugther of Madonna

Paris Jackson daugther of Michael Jackson

Eva Amurri daugther of Susan Sarandon

Samuel Joseph Mozes son of Cynthia Nixon

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