14 Children Who Did Their Best to Push Their Parents’ Patience to the Limit

Children brighten anyone’s life… until their pranks exceed all expectations. Parents have to deal with all this and more every time their little ones take advantage of their lack of attention, and they really let their imagination fly!



Here’s my little cousine trying to clean up his spilled hot chocolate with ONE tissue.

My little brother’s ’ninja’ costume

She did her make up with markers. Little did she know, it will not be so easy to get rid of.

This is how my daughter eats banana

My nephew really wanted to be buried in the sand until a posse of seagulls turned up


My son is able to fall asleep wherever.

This is the fifth time I did this after the last 4 times of getting my arms stuck.

5 minutes after getting his first board for his Birthday.

My daugther wanted to make her own dinner. Rice with sprinkles it is.


Daddy will not appreciate this kind note.

My toddler likes to throw things in the wash.

I thought he ran over his phone with the car, but apparently his kids took it, and when he found it a day later it looked like this.

Should I be worried about my niece?

Don’t give him a drivers license.

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