14 Girls That Found Someone Much Better Than Prince Charming

Traditional fairy tales taught many generations of girls the idea that a perfect man is someone who rides in on his horse to help a damsel in distress. And the dream of meeting their Prince Charming doesn’t go away, even when many of these girls grow up. But who needs a fictional book character when there are real-life heroes all around us?



Last week my boyfriend was like, ‘I have a hangnail, let’s go get manicures…’ Now I understand why.

My best friend was cheated on by her boyfriend, and my boyfriend bought her flowers just to show her that she deserves better than a cheater.

Did my dad just jump out of a movie?

So it looks like my BF is obsessed with me.

Boys can arrange date nights too.


So much better.

My bf wrote down or love story for our anniversary.

My bf made this hoodie of us and I love it.

He is very special.


My boyfriend, congratulating me on my first job

The most beautiful anniversary present

You will know if he really likes you.

Another amazing anniversary gift.

Fairytale proposal.

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