14 Great actors who portrayed real-life personalities perfectly

Biographical movies, or biopics, stand as one of the most popular genres in modern cinema. We all share the fascination of learning about the private lives and experience of famous people, exploring their rise to fame and success and the methods they chose to deal with challenges and obstacles life throws at them. Of course, without the physical similarities and talented performances of actors, it would be impossible to perceive the real message of the movie and immerse yourself into the whirlwind of emotions of these inspiring people. I think you will like this post.

Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Love Hewitt- The Audrey Hepburn story, 2000


Alfred Hitchcock and Anthony Hopkins -Hitchcock, 2012

Virginia Woolf and Nicole Kidman- The Hours, 2002

John Lennon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson- Nowhere Boy, 2009

Queen Victoria and Judi Dench- Mrs Brown, 1997


Muhammad Ali and Will Smith -Аli, 2001

Princess Diana and Naomi Watts -Diana, 2013

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