14 people who are way too innovative to have a hard life

People are already doing a lot of thins, to make their life easier. Some people go way to far looking for the easiest solution. This is why we know lazy people, but on the other hand, they are the most creative ones.



Pay less for excess luggage

When you hate both puddles and rubber boots too

Just don’t forget to clean it after this

Homemade hedge trimmer

Smart kid, really smart


No need for a mechanic, if you have a friend like him

Rear view security

You don’t have a coin? No problem

He won’t run out of toilet paper any time soon


Life hack from grandma

When you need a place in a crowded subway

Theft secure

Keep your doggo calm while giving him a bath

For 250€/hour he will pose as a couple therapist, and convince your loved one that they are wrong about everything




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