14 People Who Found Hysterical Ways to Fight for Their Privacy

If you find your social battery draining after just talking to one person, we welcome you to the introvert’s club. For people like us, privacy is of utmost importance and while we try to find our space most of the time, some days we need it more than others.



Please, step back. Thanks.

When your kid gets too annoying.

A nice decoration for your office:

Raise your hand if you need this

Spot the introvert!


This seat is made for me

Basement pool, just for you.

Nobody likes their neighbors.

Keep walking, nothing special.


Thanks for visiting.

Hate getting stuck behind slow people on the stairs? Here you go.

My son didn’s want to talk .

In some Japanese restaurants, introverts can sit in a private booth where even the waiter brings food without looking.

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