14 People Who Know How to Enjoy Their Lives Without Worrying

Today, optimism is a rare thing to see. People complain about the weather, their boss, or their low salary. But this is not true for everyone. As it turns out, there are still a lot of people in the world who can see the good things in just about anything:



Any vacation is better than work, right?

“Rainy days are the best because it means matching raincoats with my bestie!”

Have to keep up wiith the kids.

So my wife paid actual money to upload my snore as a track onto Spotify. And now 200,000 people have heard it. I’m not even mad

Somebody is already ashamed at 30 but there is nothing to be sad about.


Always search for a good thing in a bad situation.

“My mom and I went to a wedding with a photo booth. She’s single, so she wanted to take solo pictures as a strong independent woman, but I wanted to remind her that she never has to do it alone.”

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