14 Pets That Got a Complete Mess Instead of a Normal Owner

Our pets have such a hard time with us: we don’t only take them to vet and wash them with shampoo, but we also dress them up in strange costumes, laugh at their awkward jumps, and post their bad photos online. And our cats and dogs are ready to forgive us, but only because they love us.



You promised there will be no baths anymore!

My owner makes fun of me when I’m asleep

Other cats’ owners make cute photos of them and my owner takes photos like this:

I hope my owner is happy now.

And my owner made me Buck from Ice Age.


She does this and then calls us purritos.

We don’t know anything about baseball, but they still made us look like Chiefs fans.

My owner said I look like a vegan.

My owners dressed me as a hot-dog


Translation: “Officer, please, don’t give my owner a fine! He’s in the restroom and he’ll be back any minute!”

They made a table of me.

My owner likes playing with photoshop

Are you joking?

Excuse me, isn’t that my bed?

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