14 Pets Who Can’t Stop Cherishing Their Pregnant Hoomans

Dogs and cats can sense pregnancy by detecting even slight changes in your mood and behavior. So, if you or someone in your family is expecting, you might get a chance to witness the most gentle and sweet cuddles of them all.



He has been extremely affectionate since I got pregnant.

My cat loves to lay on my belly.


I can’t get rid of her since I got pregnant.

Look how he’s hugging my huge belly!


He can’t wait to meet the baby.

My cat wouldn’t cuddle before I became pregnant…

He’s constantly staring at me making sure I’m ok.

He loves to cuddle since I’m pregnant.

My cat got obsessed with me and the baby.


My dog won’t leave my side.

Pregnant girlfriend is having a rough morning. The dog thinks this helps

The pup loves the baby bump!

He falls asleep like this every day.

I became a cat magnet with my baby bump.

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