14 Pets Who Couldn’t Stay Awake for One More Second

Anyone can get tired, and animals are no exception. After long hours of playing games, fighting with friends or siblings, caring for their little ones, or simply eating, these little guys, adored by almost everyone, find it impossible to avoid their exhaustion and simply “turn off ” right where they are.



Falling asleep on the couch is much easier than in bed.

I’ll just pretend to be dead for a minute.

I can’t take it anymore.

Is that a comfy position to sleep?

A tiny pillow.


Sleepy dog.

Traveling is very exhausting.

The cutest sleeping baby puppy.

Me after a good meal:


Fell asleep on the shelf

Who else sleeps like this during summer?

My duck fell asleep like that

When your owner meets a friends when taking a walk.

Fell asleep while practising yoga.

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