14 Photos About Married Life That Are Right on the Money

Marriage has a funny effect on people. People around the world are sharing photos that perfectly illustrate what life is like after the honeymoon is over.



The stages of life

Often you get some extra pounds with your marriage.

Wise couples pick their battles… like dividing the table in 2

Husbands are the perfect preparation for having kids.

My wife, breastfeeding our newborn, while applying for her PHD. She is great at multitasking.


My wife banned getting any more kitchen gadgets, but I got a vacuum sealer and disguised it as a computer accessory.

My husband got me a “perfect date night”. A wallet full of gift cards.

It’s all fun and games.

A single person’s lunch vs. a married persons lunch.


Your partner replaces your siblings .

My wife saved all the flower petals from our relationship: dating, engagement, and post-marriage. Is she trying to tell me something?

Perfect representation of a married life.

The happiest day of her life… and her wedding day…

This is how my husband and my 3-year-old child came home from shopping.

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