14 Photos Showing That Being Kindn Is Easier Than We Think

In this hectic world, we often forget that being kind is still very important. But you don’t have to overthink it. Just little acts of kindness, like the ones in this article, can make the other person’s day a lot better.



This priest brings stray dogs to church, so the attendees can adopt one if they like them.


This policeman shared his food with this homeless woman on his lunch break.


So John Cena just paid for my grandpa’s groceries.



Adopt, if you can!


This is so kind!


These people let others charge their phones after a lot of homes stayed without electricity after Hurricane Sandy.



The difference a loving family makes. Adopt and miracles will happen!


This subway offer free food for homeless people.


I got this from a stranger so I’m going to buy something for another stranger. This is how to start a chain reaction.


Willie, you’re the best!



How we take care of homeless/poor people in my hometown. You can add whatever you think is useful for them.


There’s always a way to help.


I was complaining to my coworker that I couldn’t find eggs all week. Next minute she went to her trunk, grabbed a dozen of eggs and gave them to me.


Just leaving these in random shopping carts.


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