14 Photos Showing That Kid Logic Is Unbeatable

Every parent has a list of funny and awkward situations connected with their children, from the amazing things they do to the funny conclusions they come to make our hair go gray at a faster pace. Being so open to the world and so interested in adventure is a necessary part of any kid’s life that will definitely keep parents from getting bored.



He thought it’s chocolate

When your Mom meets her friend at the supermarket.

She wanted to be a Horseshoe for Halloween

Is it a problem if your kid draws on her passport?

Shopping is not fun


A big band-aid

My son insists the crust be cut off his sandwiches, he then proceeds to eat every single one like this.

He thinks I cant’t see him

My son said he doesn’t want to live anymore


My kid broke his headset. He improvised.

He wanted to look like an adult so he stole my makeup.

My 4-year-old wouldn’t finish her dumpling because bites were already taken out of it. She’s the one who took the bites.

Another proof that kids don’t like shopping.

It’s my party, I do what I want to.

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