14 Photos That Show How Drastically Things Can Change in Just 20 Years

It’s impossible to believe that just 20 years ago no one knew what Google or Netflix was and couldn’t keep a 1-minute video on a flash drive. But time has passed and since then, we’ve completely changed the rules.



The Google office in 1999 vs now

The evolution of a phone.

Moscows skyline in 1999 vs now

Shanghai in 1999 vs now

Britney spears back in 1999 and now


Spending hours on the phone changed to texting.

Meeting new people then and now.

Movie collections don’t take up that much space anymore

Games in 1999 vs now


And famous kids we remember fondly now have kids of their own.

Teens in 1999 and teens now

Cellphone cameras then and now

Data transporting in 1999 vs now

The Aral Sea used to be the fourth-largest lake in the world. In the last 20 years it almost dissapeared.


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