14 shots taken at the happiest moments that made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside

There are so many situations that leave you feeling excited like meeting your favorite actor, recovering after a long disease, or receiving an unexpected present. Sometimes we are just so excited that we can’t help but share our happiness with the whole world. I think you will ike this post.

My 74-year-old grandpa and me on a roller coaster — he was so excited


My mom spent her life supporting her family overseas and raising 4 sons. Today, she bought a purse and she’s so happy 🙂

We bumped into David Hasselhoff in Glasgow and he made such a fuss over my sister. She was so excited! Amazing 🙂

After 5 years of trying

She voluntarily sat in my lap for the first time since being adopted 1.5 years ago. I swear my heart skipped a few beats.


My feet were injured for 2 years — finally got to go back to my ballet classes!

I gave my son a carving lesson. Here’s his first owl. So proud. 🙂


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