14 Times Laziness Defeated Common Sense

There are those who eat their food directly from a can or a box, in order to avoid making a mess and washing a dish. There are also those who will clean up only the space they need to use or those who, because of their laziness, prefer to not wrap a gift, reusing the wrapping of the actual product they’re gifting. These and other stories are found in a Reddit thread dedicated to these slackers.



Using those rolling stances wisely.

When your bag is full but you’re lazy.

“Just throw the cans away, she said… I don’t know how to follow the given instructions.”

When you follow the instructions wrong and they have to clear it up for you:

This is a very clever solution.


Thanks for the information.

He’s taking a nap.

My brother is unbelievable.

He’s  changing the tires.


The reason why you should not be too lazy to buy  a mouse pad.

Like my new milk glass?

Only cleaning up the most important part.

The delivery guy did not think this through.

I was too lazy to wrap the whole gift

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