14 Unexpected Food Comparisons That Can Help You Upgrade Your Diet

Scrambled eggs, chicken breasts, and fresh apples are undoubtedly good for your health. Though, it turns out that these, and many more other products, can be swapped with even better alternatives.



Beans are cheaper than beef and they are also full of nutrients

Have you ever tried scrambled tofu?

How to make snacking less calorie dense

If you don’t feel satisfied after snacking on fruit, try adding some nut butter

A nutricious alternative to chicken


Fresh fruit is always a better choice

The right sweets, eaten in moderation, can be just as healthy.

Boost your fiber intake with brown rice.

Try to substitute ground meat with lentils.

Hummus is a good alternative to some nuts, which can be too high in calories.


Don’t be fooled with fake health products

Pay attention to what kinds of bread are you eating

Same taste, less calories

Some cereals that claim to be healthy are just as high in dugar as the “unhealthy” ones

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