15 hilarious pictures about the student life

Student life is a crazy and fun time, but sometimes it can be really stressful too. Being without no jobs, so no money, but partying non-stop. Skipping classes, or sleeping during the. The – in reality, one man army – group projects. Oh, and preparing for exams in one night before. People need some guts to survive the college.



Accurate illustration of frustration during an exam. Things I study for vs. the things I’m asked about.

When the attendance counts to your final grade.

Everyone knows, how the group projects are done in reality.

Just to be sure, you check if you are still alive.

When you run out of money.


This is what the true despair look like.

Freshmens vs. seniors.

You know you did a bad job, but at least you finished the assignment.

When you had no time for breakfast.


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