15 Intense Historical Photos That Made the Whole World Hold Its Breath

Our parents and grandparents had lots of unforgettable moments in the past. Fame, victory, hard work, and fighting for their rights were intense but worthy. In this article, you can see some of these episodes of their lives that became not just memories, but history.



This little boy runs away from his mother to be with his father. 1940

Olympic games in 1960

Women washing their clothes on the street, Berlin 1945

Crew members enjoy a film on the stern of one of the battleships, 1918

Patriotic grief of a Frenchman in March 1941


The first manned Gemini mission,1965

Anti-Vietnam War protest at The Pentagon, 1967. Flower Power

Ski-sailing, Austria 1938

Winston Churchill’s speech, May 8, 1945


2 children sharing a soft drink at the White House, 1922

Legendary chess players in 1985, before the game

Seaside life in the Netherlands in 1937.

Big tree, big saw, 1890

Korean War, 1950

Hungry child in Holland, 1918


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