15 life hacks from people, who are incredibly creative

Every problem has a solution, if you are a little bit creative. We love people, who can create or show us something new, something handy, to help us make our lives easier. Bookmark our article, because we will show you some tips and trick, which ones are good to know:



If your wrench doesn’t fit, use a coin:

Frozen, saturated sponge in a bag will make an icepack, which won’t drip when it melts:

Use a safety pin and magnets to hang a poster to the wall:

Different colored inserts can help you to tell the difference between L and R:

Napkin hack, to hide your money:


A photo frame can hold your laptop screen, if that’s broken:

With white nail polish you can make markings easier to read:

You can lift up most of the electric stove’s top, to make it easier to clean:

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