15 People That Found Photos With Celebrities in Their Albums

Many people dream of meeting a celebrity. When it finally happens, some start asking for a photo, while others just want an autograph. And some people will be satisfied if a famous person just smiles at them. The people from our compilation are really lucky! They got to meet Elvis, Chuck Norris, and Robin Williams.



My dad with David Bowie

My stepdad with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Me and Samuel L. Jackson

Me and Ozzy Osbourne

I pulled over Al Pacino


My grandfather (right) with Elvis Presley (left)

My uncle photobombing Jimmy Carter

My roommate’s mom dated James Gandolfini

My dad and Chuck Norris


My mom met Al Pacino

Shaquille O’Neal lifting me up by the neck

My cool mom partying with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal

My grandmother with Chuck Norris.

My mom interviewing Mick Jagger and Brian Jones

My grandfather with Elvis Presley


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