15 People That Ordered Something Ordinary Online and Received an Unforeseen Surprise

Online shops are definitely a part of our lives. But not all of their purchases have a happy ending. Inexperienced users often don’t check the rating of the seller and only pay attention to the low price of the product. As a result some things you ordered arrive not exactly how you expected them to be.



I guess my dog is going to a party instead of me.

What sizing do they have?

These glasses are for kids. Very small kids.

I don’t have a plan B for this Halloween.

Karate kimono?


I wasn’t going for the style…

So I bought this in a size 8 and it just fits my 4-year-old daughter1!

Wanted do be sexy for my boo.. Maybe next time.

Can’t you spell?


Who are they making these for?

Wow, they are high waisted!

Very similar.

Make your own costumes for Halloween.

Close enough.

Wrong size.



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