15 People Who Are Brave Enough to Show They’re Not Always Perfect

Most of us have thousands of photos of ourselves on our cell phones and cameras. And not all of them are perfect — which are the ones we usually try to hide from everyone. But some Twitter users were brave enough to share these photos and even started the trend: Me vs Also me.



Before and after the wedding

In public vs at home

I’m not surprise sometimes people don’t recognize me

There are two sides of me

Taking thousands of pins out of her hair


I’m not always a model

This is an amazing tranformation

At home vs. at a party

On our way to our wedding vs. on our way back


Would you recognize me?

Couple goals on IG vs in reality

Before and after a party

Me arriving at my boyfriend’s house vs Me leaving my boyfriend’s house

Weekdays vs. weekends

The power of makeup


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