15 People Who Could Win an Oscar for Their Fails

We all have bad days. But some fails are so epic that we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. We just have to hope that it’ll be our biggest problem for the day and rush home to hide under a blanket. Well, the people from our compilation could definitely benefit from this approach.



Poor guy.

How not to get ready for the day:

I can’t believe he didn’t get caught!

Oh, you need to pee? Is it urgent?

It was worth becoming a professional athlete to end up with your photo hanging over a urinal…


Did he really think that he could close it?

I just dropped 8 lbs of mixed nuts on the floor.

I’m stuck in my car.

I found this poisonous little guy in the grapes


My computer refuses to turn on. Please, help!

That’s a sad story

The wedding is in 24 hours, what do you do?

Thanks for nothing!


My father secretly finished playing Super Mario while I was asleep. He woke me up to show me the saver for the final level.


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