15 People Who Went Against the System, and It Was Worth It

Some people make our world a brighter place and they understand they don’t have to comply with the social norms.



Some earrings I ordered on Aliexpress never arrived and they asked for photo evidence!

Lucy Liu throwing a javelin in a formal gown and high heels

When you’re suddenly not the best mom in the world

So my daugter was invited to this princess party but she insisted to be a puppy.

IT expert to be


On our wedding day, we were so busy going around tables to greet guests, we hardly ate anything. So when we got back to our hotel room we enjoyed the perfect wedding meal.

This BMW is from another galaxy

Why would we carve pumpkins in Hawaii?

Ladies, don’t complain.


The MI5 stand at my University’s careers fair had no representatives/flyers. The board read, ‘we don’t need to be seen to make an impact.


When vandals start to go to college

My neighbor mowing the lawn

My aunt says I cheat at dominos by looking at the smudges and scratches of the back of the dominos. So she throwed them in the sink and started washing them.

To make work more fun I guess.


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