15 people, whose orders from the internet ended up terribly

The web shops and buying stuff from them is more popular than ever. It’s easy, it’s comfortable. But still has it’s own dangers. Like when you order something, but you didn’t get that. Instead of that, you get something similar, but still different. Some people shared they unlucky orders, and they say that the danger is lurking around every webshop. Stay safe, people of the internet.



Was impressed with the price, but not that much when they arrived.

The 10 large ones are missing.

I hope she or he will get a refund.

Wash – groom – love. Instead of the third step, throw that creature out of the window.

Expectation vs. the sad reality.


Alice in Wonderland. Sure, that’s her.

At least it works.

Always check the size.

When you really get what was on the picture. Still sad.


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