15 People Whose Shoes You’d Rather Not Walk In

It would be nice to wake up in a world without any tricks, where things always come out perfectly, where no one cheats and makes silly things. But alas, those are only dreams and we have to deal with what reality gives us: mischievous pets, strange design projects, and bad luck.



So I got this bathbomb that turned out to look like dirt. It also stained my bath tub and skin.

When you have real alloy wheels:

I got ready in the dark this morning.

I don’t know why karma hates me.

Expectations vs. reality


Why didn’t they tell me that I was looking at the wrong camera?

Our glass coffee table randomly exploded while we were watching TV.

I was surprised that there are no baskets at the store but then I found them.

Waited almost 14 years for this moment and, of course, I missed it.


Possible problem.

This happened to my $300 headphones

Never put leather gloves in the washing machine

They forgot to warn me about a tiny detail

A single request from a girl to the famous Photoshop master, James Fridman





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