15 Photos of Kids Before and After Adoption That Can Melt Anyone’s Heart

Families form an important part of a child’s growing up. But there are many children who get separated from their families and end up as orphans waiting to get adopted and for a new family to welcome them.And when these kids do finally get adopted, their joy knows no bounds.



Those eyes tell it all.

From orphans to champions

A family put a smile on his face.

It’s never too late

He looks so happy.


How cute is this little girl?

6 months can change a lot.

Who would have thought that we adopted an acrobat.

Though he’s not legally adopted, this woman considers this child to be her son!


4 years in a loving family

After 6 years in a family

Look at her smile!

They are so happy in their family.

Adopted a beautiful princess.

Squad goals.


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