15 Photos Proving That Men’s Ingenuity Is Just Unlimited

Men always have it simple and their simple logic is sometimes accompanied by great humor. This is how they joke with their wives when they are trying to be supportive, burn their food, and take sad photos at someone else’s wedding party.



Sometimes when my wife is on her period I try to cheer her up  by texting her some quotes of these tampons.

He knew what to say.

This guy is repairing his car under a tent.


Change the design please.


My dad is crazy, he puts food in the fridge like this, he fears nothing.

Always happens.

My 10 year old brother excited about his GF.

2 months ago I went to a wedding party. I was looking through the photos and I just had to do this…


So this is where all my money goes.

Tonight was foreign culture night at my house, so I decided to cook a traditional dish from Pompeii.

So my wife asked which color I like the most.

My wife knitted a hat for our cat.

New inventions

Vandals! But it’s okay, I can deal with it.



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