15 Photos That Prove Girls Will Be Girls No Matter What

Modern women can do anything they want. They have successful careers and good families, they take care of themselves and their relatives, and they achieve a lot in their chosen professions (that used to be “only for men”). But deep down, girls will always be girls when it comes to the way they see the world.



After spending more money than we can really afford on a gaming computer, my wife is playing Minecraft in windowed mode.

Gotta have pink handcuffs

Girls dream about being ballerinas since birth

Bought her this huge mirror and I come to the room seeing this

Broken hairdryer is not a problem


Her shoes are everywhere

I guess my sister is better at taking care of my dog

When two females meet, everyone around gets tired very quickly

This huge pink car


My girlfriend asked for a bite of my ice cream.

My dog splashes the water all over the place when drinking, so my gf built a small garden around it

My girlfriend started showering at my place and this weird mold started growing everywhere

Every girl would die for a present like this

Their worst nightmare

How to protect your shoes from bad weather conditions


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