15 Slightly Crazy Life Hacks for Those Who Want Results at Any Cost

A drop of imagination, a pinch of creativity, a spoonful of an off-base approach, and cool (though sometimes strange) life hacks appear to ease your life, especially the situations where the usual methods can’t be applied.



No room for the Christmas tree? No problem!

It worked!

When your headphones start to peel, use some adhesive tape to clean them

My roommate is so smart

If you always forget everything, put it next to your keys so you remember.


This is a perfectionists dream

How I planted 300 onions in 2 hours.

If you hate when the ice waters down your coffee, use frozen espresso cubes

How to hide a wireless charger in plain sight:


When your fridge is full

Hold your ketchup bottle like this when squeezing, so the splatter doesn’t get on you.

How to change your makeup brush

How to make more space in the bathroom

How to hold open the recipe book while cooking

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