15 Times Genes Were Real Pranksters

In our genotype, we keep thousands of genes. They sometimes come out in unexpected combinations, as with the people in this article. They have shared their natural uniqueness with the whole internet without any doubts or hesitations. Just look at these pictures.

“I am half Asian and half European, but I have red hair. How do you like the mixture?”


A light-eyed, light-haired, but dark-skinned person.

“Our father is European, and our mom is from Argentina. When we say we are sisters nobody believes us”

Could you tell her father is dark-skinned?

His son could tell you more.


This girl has red hair and heterochromia. A masterpiece of genetic art!

This is called sectoral heterochromia.

And this is distichiasis, when eyelashes grow in 2 rows. I wish!

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