15 Unexpected Situations That Kill the Joy of Traveling

Even if you carefully plan your vacation, something can still go wrong. You can get lost in the jungle, forget your car keys inside the car, or go head to head with a cheetah. Keep in mind that you have to stay calm and try to treat your problems with a little humor.



“When I was 12, I was attacked by a monkey in Costa Rica. Just a perfect moment for a postcard.”

“Due to my sleeping disorder my sleep behavior has to be monitored. Guess I shouldn’t travel by bus today.”

Sometime the fog ruins the view.

For those who constantly forget to bring travel adapters

And make sure you check the serving size before ordering.


These cheetahs wanted to chill with the tourists.

Came across a super cheap trip to Jamaica. They got me.

Booked myself a window seat.

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