16 Animals That Faced a Tiny Drama

There are not very many pets that don’t care about anything. When something unplanned happens, we have to take pictures our 4-legged friends because, most of the time, their expressions are incredible.



Not so happy about the new puppy


They don’t like going to the vet.

“I’m not gonna ask you again. What is in your mouth?”

Meeting our new dog.


Wanted to make this Halloween a little bit more interesting by ordering a lion costume for my dog.

After every walk.

When he realized we are not really going to the park.

Poor guy misjudged the jump.


He seems so ashamed for his behavior

Now we know our cat doesn’t care for his birthday

How my dog cools herself down on a hot summer day

How does your dog feel about baths?

This seems painful

I had just finished saying, “I can’t believe she never falls in!”


He always wants sweet while we are having tea so we had to lock him out.

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