16 Animals Who Have No Clue What “Personal Space” Means

Pets are an essential part of our lives. But sometimes they deliberately cross all of their boundaries. This can be kind of cute, like when your cat uses you as a pillow. But sometimes they raise your stress levels when they devour your birthday cake or the groceries you just bought at the store.



I baked a cake for my mom’s Birthday but while we were in the livig room our dog ate half of it.

I’m a cat pillow.

My cat took a bite out of every tortilla I’ve just bought.

He knows better.

We bought a bed for our large dog…


My cat fell asleep hugging my arm.

My dog found my head the most comfortable spot to sit.

And this cat felt the same way about her mom.

My dog looks at me like this when I yell at him.


Not leaving her since she had our baby girl.

The struggles when having pets.

I literally just layed down 2 minutes ago.

She’s helping me wrapping Christmas presents.

I guess he likes cake.

My dog hates me.


When you decide to take a bath with a book and a candle, and organize the place very nicely. All for this…

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