16 Baffling Internet Finds That Were Explained by Experts

Nature made us critical, which means that when we see something, we instinctively start analyzing this thing and its purpose.  Most of the time, we can’t explain what these thing are, but in the 21st century, we can just snap a photo and ask the internet community for an explanation.



“Veterinarian here. During a routine examination of a rescue cat, I took some radiographs — turned out there is some kind of metal inside the body. ”
This is a .22 caliber round. Given the amount of deformation and lack of damage to the bones, it almost certainly went through something else before ending up where it did.

“Found this on Google maps.”
This is a spider crane which is very common in construction where there are tight areas to have to bring machinery through like a multi-level garage. It’s covered in a tarp.

This is a can opener for soft drink cans before pull tabs.

These fields are part of the Natomas Basin Conservancy. They are artificial marshlands created as a habitat for local hawks, cranes, etc. It also serves as water overflow for local fields, irrigation, etc. Beautifful!

This is a filler for a lava lamp. The spring stays at the bottom and is heated from the bulb. The paraffin just floats in the water.


“Found this under my bed”
This is Dysdera crocata, a kind of spider that eats woodlice. This one is definitely dead.

“My kids found this today and I couldn’t tell them what is it.”
This is a gelatin capsule that vitamins and medicine are sold in. When it gets into the water, it becomes soft, sticky, and it gets bigger.

“Found this today at the shop. What the hell is it ?”
It’s a snowman kit: the nose, the eyes, the mouth, and the buttons.

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