16 Cool Moms That Couldn’t Care Less About Stereotypes

There are quite a few stereotypes about moms in our society, but that doesn’t mean that in real life, they can’t be the coolest people in the world. The women this article is about are the bravest and the most creative people, and their children think that everyone on the internet should know about them.



My mom is so talented, she made my wedding dress all by herself and I want everyone to know it.

I’m sorry, but the photos of my mom from the ’90s look either like a French romantic comedy or the cover of a new Lana Del Rey album.

My mom is going to a themed corporate party. She feels quite insecure about her costume but I keep telling her she looks BOMB.

My mom’s reaction to my grades : “I see you climbing your mountains.”

I was really sad about the dress I ordered but my mom saved my prom.


My mom and her friends on a girl’s trip to NY

My mom wanted matching outfits to a beyoncé concert.

My mom had her ‘Sweet 56’ birthday party in the Philippines

My mom made this blanket for me.


Had a bad day at work, my mom invited me over and made Baby Yoga margaritas.

My mom getting eyelash extensions. Letting me know about every step.

My mom’s solution to protect my dog from the rain.

My mom’s wedding picture looks like a soap opera.

My mom made my gecko a mini hat.

My mom decorated my room for Christmas as a surprise.


My mom flew helicopters for the Army in the ’80s

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